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The new Beetle.

Caution: sharp curves.

The Beetle can no longer be ordered with customised equipment but you can buy ready-manufactured vehicles. Simply ask your Volkswagen dealership for details or visit our online marketplace for new cars.

Independent and brimming with confidence.

Some cars are instantly recognisable due to their independent character. The Beetle is clearly one of them.

  • Exterior

    Moving with the times.

    Whether parked or moving, the Beetle is sure to catch the eye with its striking look and vibrant colours.

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  • Interior

    Colourful and customised.

    The cockpit and interior of the Beetle really stand out with their modern digit display and wide range of colours.

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  • Seats

    Stylish seating.

    Are you sitting comfortably? You certainly will be in the Beetle, and not just because the seats are practical and comfortable, but also thanks to their attractive design.

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  • Panoramic sunroof

    Open upwards.

    The optional panorama sliding/tilting glass roof provides even more light and air in the interior of the Beetle.

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  • Wheels

    Wheels to suit all tastes.

    All of the wheels in the wide range available for the Beetle make a real statement.

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The optional Beetle R-Line equipment package.

A confident presence: the Beetle shows off its sporty side with the R-Line equipment.

Everything included.

The optional equipment packages with extra comfort, coordinated lighting and special design features give the Beetle a certain je ne sais quoi.

  • Style package

    Strikingly stylish details.

    If you choose the optional “Color4Me” Style package for your Beetle, your preferred colour runs through the entire vehicle interior.

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  • Coloured centre console

    Bring colour into the game.

    With the “Design” specification line, in addition to the colour-keyed dash pad, you can opt for the centre console to have the same colour or a different colour. Pure White, Habanero Orange, Blue Silk, Sandstorm Yellow and Tornado Red are available to choose from.

  • Design package

    Effective Black.

    The “Black Style” design package gives the Beetle a certain je ne sais quoi!

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  • Comfort package

    Relaxation zone.

    A cool breeze, relaxed legs and practical storage options – enjoy all of this in the Beetle with the comfort package.

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Always on the right wavelength.

Cheerful and relaxed travelling – when it comes to enjoying music and straightforward navigation, the Infotainment system in the Beetle has definitely got what it takes.

  • Radios

    Musical accompaniment for out and about.

    Enjoy your favourite music on every journey with the radios in the Beetle: thanks to a MP3-compatible CD player, SD card slot and touchscreen.

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  • Navigation system

    Multimedia on the go.

    The optional “Discover Media” navigation function in the Beetle always gets you to your destination without any hassle, either directly or including a planned detour.

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  • Fender® Sound

    Sound symbiosis.

    Amazing sound – you’ll definitely be seen as well as heard if your Beetle is fitted with the “Fender®Sound” sound system.

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  • Car-Net App-Connect

    Full connectivity.

    App-Connect includes three innovative technological functions you can use to display your smartphone apps on the touchscreen of your infotainment system: MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ from Google, and Apple CarPlay™.

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  • Car-Net "Guide & Inform"

    Internet on board.

    Experience totally new online convenience in your Volkswagen. The very latest information will help you to avoid jams and much more.

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Stage driving.

The Beetle Dune transforms the road into its stage. After all, anyone who looks this dazzling, can afford to be a little more extrovert.

  • Front

    In the spotlight.

    The Beetle Dune is up for a host of adventures. It’s totally open to its fans. The self-assured front is formed by a black pebbled honeycomb design air intake grille. Set in: sporty fog lights, which together with the new bumper, complete the dynamic design.

  • Silhouette

    Always shows its best side.

    Discover your music on new journeys. Black 18 inch “Canyon” high-gloss wheels take you straight there in your Beetle Dune. The skid plate and sills give the car a feeling of robustness should your journey turn into an adventure. And you can display even more individuality with the “Dune” lettering on the side panels.

  • Rear

    Heading for a shooting star.

    Regardless of which engine model you order for your Beetle Dune: the long rear spoiler signals real sportiness to anyone following behind. And the optional Sandstorm paintwork reveals at first glance that this really is a very special model.

  • Cockpit

    Driver sought.

    You call the shots: your Beetle Dune is fitted as standard with a high-quality leather steering wheel. And the Curry statement colour, to match the optional yellow exterior paintwork, accentuates the decorative seams of the steering wheel.

  • Seats

    First-row seats.

    The optional leather sports seats in your Beetle Dune are winning over customers with their comfort and outstanding views.