, 2018-10-09 10:11:18

The All-new Multivan Business.

Makes a big statement.

Those who move a lot in their day-to-day business will also expect their MPV to meet certain requirements. The Multivan Business has a look that is completely unique, right down to the very last detail: whether it is setting the tone for your business or being used as a mobile conference room.

To keep your business moving.

The Multivan Business: the perfect setting for your next conference. You can keep up-to-date with your work at all times here.

Powerful performance.

The Multivan Business always provides you with the drive you need, to make it to the top. To make sure that the engine's power is always applied exactly where it is needed, the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive works in conjunction with the optional Hill Descent Assist to harness power for all four wheels – regardless of whether you’re battling bad weather or tackling tricky surfaces.

Comfortable, no matter where you’re sitting.

You take the lead with the Multivan Business: state-of-the-art sound and infotainment systems as well as smart connectivity options ensure that all occupants stay up to date.

Far-sighted companion.

The Multivan Business offers practical driver assistance and safety systems which support you in critical situations, for example when parking or changing lanes, and much more.

More information.

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