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The Touran (2015-2018).

A match for anything. The Touran.

Everyone wants to ride in the Touran. Not only do its spaciousness and comfort make driving a real pleasure, it has an impressively dynamic design too.

Out of the ordinary, strikingly different.

The Touran is a vehicle that sets out to impress – even when looking out of it. The versatile family car also offers a 1.4 m² panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof as an optional extra. The Touran combines its compact urban dimensions with an intelligent space concept, perfect for longer journeys.

  • LED headlights

    Dazzle. Without glare.

    Thanks to the optional “Dynamic Light Assist”, it’s only the Touran’s sharp design that oncoming traffic sees, even with main beam switched on. And the optional LED headlights and tail lights for the front and rear have additional benefits to offer too.

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  • Wheels

    A treat for the eyes.

    The right shoes for every outfit: make an impressive entrance with the right alloy wheels. You can choose from a wide range of designs – from restrained to dynamic.

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  • Space concept

    Business class family outings.

    The Touran is highly versatile, a quick-change artist without masks or make-up: thanks to a seating concept, which optionally offers space for up to six small – and large – passengers – or loads of storage space.

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  • Panoramic tilting/sliding sunroof

    Open-air stage for nature’s spectacles.

    The large panoramic tilting/sliding sunroof provides a clear view of the sky and lets in sunshine and fresh air.

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Optional Touran R-Line equipment.

Get up at six. At school by seven thirty. And in the office by eight. What of it? Adopt a sportier approach to everyday life. With Touran R-Line equipment.

Full speed on the data highway.

Driving is so much fun in the Touran – even if you’re not the one sitting behind the wheel. That is guaranteed by state-of-the-art connectivity on all seats. Updating your profiles on social media or listening to your favourite new album – not a problem, thanks to the outstanding optional Infotainment features, like “Volkswagen Media Control” or “Car-Net App-Connect” and Wi-Fi.

  • Apple Music

    Enjoy up to 6 months of Apple Music for free.

    Volkswagen Car-Net now offers you even more advantages than ever before: Up to 6 months of Apple Music are waiting for you with a choice of more than 45 million songs. Experience Apple Music on your iPhone or Android smartphone as well as on your PC or in your Volkswagen via CarPlay. Look forward to exploring numerous highlights like the live radio station Beats 1 Radio, up-to-date cultural information and exclusive content - streamed or offline, but always without commercial breaks.

  • Car-Net App-Connect

    Appreciate connectivity.

    You can now use your infotainment system to conveniently display and operate selected apps running on your smartphone by using the optional “Car-Net App-Connect” (available for the Composition Media radio and the navigation systems). Just connect your smartphone via a USB port and you don’t have to touch the device while driving.

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  • Volkswagen Media Control

    You control the car while your passengers control the music.

    Volkswagen Media Control enables your passengers to operate the infotainment system, too: very easily and conveniently via a tablet PC that functions as a remote control.

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  • Radio and navigation

    Isn’t it nice to pick your own co-pilot?

    In your Volkswagen, you decide what’s on. You can choose from three radios, each with matching loudspeakers, easy-to-use controls and plenty of connection options. Alternatively, choose one of the two navigation systems with multimedia capabilities that leave virtually nothing to be desired.

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Make yourself comfortable in your Touran. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.

  • Easy Open

    No hands free, but still everything under control? It’s possible with “Easy Open”.

    Open sesame now means “Easy Open”. You have everything under control with one kick: thanks to the optional Easy Open system, you do not need to have your hands free to open the luggage compartment.

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  • 3-zone-"Air Care Climatronic"

    Different moods. And temperatures.

    Good news for allergy sufferers: the air-cleaning function and allergen filter of the optional 3-zone “Air Care Climatronic” deal with pollen, spores and allergens. This has the pleasant consequence that the air in the vehicle interior is cleaner that the air outside.
    And the good news for everyone: the driver, front passenger and even the passengers on the rear seats can adjust their individual comfort temperature independently of each other.

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  • 7 seats

    You remain flexible and your passengers relaxed.

    Family, friends and colleagues: with up to seven seats everyone has a place. Thanks to Easy Entry, the passengers on the third seat row will also find it easy to take seat.

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  • Integrated child seats

    Your children can sit in comfort.

    You can order the Touran with up to two optional integrated child seats. That way, your small passengers can also sit in comfort.

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  • Seat belt reminder system

    Safety first. Even in the third row.

    The seat belt reminder system contributes to your sense of safety. The standard feature shows you on the multifunction display if a seat belt is not engaged or has been released – even in the second and third row. A warning noise sounds as an audible alert as a quiet gong.

Assistance Systems.

The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Touran ensure greater driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations very well or even avoid them. Even if you only notice this technology on rare occasions, it feels good to know that it is there.

  • “Side Assist” including Rear Traffic Alert

    Doesn’t treat a glance over your shoulder lightly.

    The lane change assistant, optionally available in the Touran, makes you aware, within the system’s limits, if you are about to prematurely initiate a change of lane. It warns you if it has detected approaching vehicles in your blind spot. And it also keeps its eyes open when you are driving out of a parking space.

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  • Traffic Jam Assist

    The green light in stop-and-go traffic.

    The new Touran with optional Traffic Jam Assist comes into its own in all stop-and-go situations on motorways and well maintained roads. Once you have your hands on the steering wheel, the car automatically accelerates, brakes and steers itself, within the system’s limits. You’ll see: it’s almost as relaxing as a foot massage. Almost.

  • Trailer Assist

    State-of-the-art technology for trailers.

    Advance towards progress: reverse parking with a trailer or caravan need no longer present a challenge – thanks to innovative “Trailer Assist”, which is optionally available.

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  • Adaptive cruise control & "Front Assist"

    Drive more comfortably by a distance.

    Make driving more relaxed with optional adaptive cruise control, available in the package with “Front Assist” area monitoring system and the City Emergency Braking System.

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Innovation is to think ahead – progress is to let you benefit from it. Save with BlueMotion Technology, enjoy driving pleasure with efficient engines and experience technologies for every day.

  • Engines

    Enjoy power with low fuel consumption.

    Do you drive a lot and love driving, but want to keep your fuel consumption down? Our TDI diesel engines and TSI petrol engines have been designed with optimum efficiency, drive and power in mind, and they comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

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  • Driving profile selection

    Your Volkswagen adapts to your driving style.

    With optional driving profile selection, you can adjust the way your car drives to match your personal driving style and the current road and traffic situation. You can therefore drive dynamically and economically at the same time.

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  • Outstanding safety

    Top marks in the safety test.

    The Touran is one of Europe’s safest cars, as tested by Euro NCAP: the 5- and 7-seaters were awarded maximum 5 stars in the independent European NCAP process. Vehicle occupants and pedestrians are protected by a safety package consisting of an optimised body structure and a highly effective combination of seat belt, seat and airbags. The Touran also offers enhanced comfort through its innovative optionally available driver assistance systems.

  • Electronic voice enhancer

    You don’t always need to be loud.

    Enhances communication during the journey: the optional electronic voice enhancer aids comprehension of the driver’s voice for passengers in the rear.

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“Black Style” design package

Featuring striking black accents: the optional “Black Style” design package.

Turn your Touran into a real eye-catcher: the “Black Style” design package emphasises your vehicle’s striking exterior and creates an even more powerful impression.

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