Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil and Operating Fluids

From engine performance to braking force: With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen can put in a top performance. And has a longer vehicle life.

Oil isn’t just oil: Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil guarantees a top performance

The right oil is like a liquid component, providing an ideal complement to your engine, protecting it and enabling peak performance. Find out here how to find the right engine oil and which function the important oils 0W-20 or 0W-30 have.

Volkswagen Genuine High Performance Engine oil LongLife III FE

LongLife III FE

Volkswagen Genuine High Performance Engine oil

LongLife III extends the change intervals: Specially developed for gasoline and diesel engines with diesel particulate filter.

  • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
    For approved engines with VW standard 504.00 and 507.00.
  • Saves fuel:
    More efficient thanks to less friction – and extends the engine service life.
  • Extends the change intervals:
    Thanks to long-term stability, reduced ash content and viscosity index 0W-30.
  • Needs no other additives:
    The additives keep the engine clean and prevent a build up of sludge.
Volkswagen Genuine Fuel Economy Engine oil LongLife IV FE

LongLife IV FE

Volkswagen Genuine Fuel Economy Engine Oil

Oil isn’t just oil: LongLife IV meets all requirements of the new generations of petrol and diesel engines that feature particulate filters with extended service intervals. And thanks to the unique green colour of the oil, it is unmistakeable.

  • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
    For approved engines with VW standard 508.00 and 509.00.
  • Protects your engine:
    Due to a reduced ash content and viscosity index 0W-20, which the right consistency even at low temperatures.
  • Needs no other additives:
    The additives keep the engine clean and prevent a build up of sludge.
  • Suitable for short-distance drivers:
    Thanks to less friction and reduced oil resistance in the engine.

Time for an oil change? The service interval display in the main display will remind you

A VW service employee makes an oil change in flexible or fixed service on a VW car

Your owner’s manual will inform you when it’s time for an oil change. There are two types of interval when it comes to changing the engine oil:

  • Flexible service:
    According to the service interval display, but at the latest after two years or 30,000 km.
  • Fixed service:
    Every 15,000 km, but at least once a year.

Important: A high number of short distances and cold starts may reduce the time between the intervals. You can inform yourself on our pages about maintenance and inspection intervals.

Always have 1 l of oil on hand

Perfect for taking on longer journeys: the 1 l container from Volkswagen. Simply stowed away in the luggage compartment. It’s especially important to have 1 l of the right grade in the car when you head off on holiday, as LongLife III oils according to the VW standards 504.00 or 507.00 and LongLife IV oils according to the VW standards 508.00 and 509.00 are not available everywhere.

The high-quality additives in the container are your engine’s essential vitamins and minerals. When kept in its original container, the engine oil can be safely stored for at least four years.

A VW service employee refills AdBlue® into a Volkswagen

Fewer emissions with little effort

AdBlue® is an odourless urea solution. It reduces harmful nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicle emissions. What do you have to do? Simply refill AdBlue® after a few thousand kilometres.

  • Economical:
    A passenger vehicle requires 1.5–2.8 l AdBlue® per 1,000 km. The tank holds between 11 and 19 l – depending on model.
  • Easy to refill:
    Inquire with your Volkswagen Partner, use our refill containers or head to the dedicated dispensers at gas stations.
  • Controllable consumption:
    The consumption of AdBlue® depends hugely on your driving style. Drivers who hit the gas a little harder will have to refill more often.
  • Ready for nearly any temperature:
    An automatic heating system ensures that AdBlue® is at the right operating temperature. Important: Do not fill the AdBlue® tank with an anti-freeze agent or any other liquids.

Volkswagen Genuine Coolant Additive G13

Maximum protection at maximum performance

VW coolant additive G13 is filled into a Volkswagen

Our coolant also works under considerable pressure, for example at temperatures as low as -40 °C. At the same time, the innovate recipe protects against limescale, corrosion, acids and has anti-freeze properties. Also suitable for cars with fully aluminium engines.

  • On a basis of renewable and recycled raw materials:
    Saves approximately 35,000 t of CO2 per year with the first fill of all Volkswagen alone.
  • Protects the engine, protects materials:
    Tailor-made for the materials found in the cooling system. Protects the engine against extreme temperatures, corrosion, acidification and limescale.
  • Suitable for mixing:
    With the predecessor products G11, G12 and G12 plus.
Strong in the face of dirt – protects your car

Volkswagen Genuine Screenwash

Without screenwash concentrate, you’ll always have a clear view. It also protects your windscreen and the windscreen washer system against frost and limescale – without leaving any stains on your paintwork. Did you know that there are seasonal differences? In winter, use the concentrate with anti-freeze protection.

A woman refills VW screenwash into her red Volkswagen in a snowy landscape

A separate standard for your brake system

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

A VW service employee changes the brake fluid of a VW car

Protection in extreme cold and under extreme pressure, more time until the next maintenance appointment: Our brake fluid has been developed alongside your brake system and is so much more than simply standard – it even sets its own: The VW standard, 501.14.

  • Protects materials:
    Does not effect the seals. Prevents rusting of pipes and cylinders.
  • Excellent performance in cold conditions:
    Ready for operation, even at temperatures as low as -40 °C.
  • Longer maintenance interval:
    Extends the first maintenance interval of new Volkswagen to three years.

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