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Information on EA189 diesel engines

Information on EA189 diesel engines

Each individual customer is important to us

The diesel recall is about much more than just the engines. It’s about every single customer. That’s why we’ve already successfully modified hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen. But there’s more: We’ve been busy developing, testing and verifying. Following a series of strict tests, every one of the technical solutions that we have developed has been approved by the German Federal Office for Motor Traffic (KBA).

That means: We can now amend each and every affected diesel engine in Germany. All Volkswagen customers whose vehicles have not yet been modified shall receive information on this by post in the near future. We truly appreciate your patience and loyalty to our brand. In the future we will work round the clock to restore your faith in the Volkswagen brand. And we will only be 100% satisfied when our customers are once again 100% satisfied with Volkswagen.

Because each individual customer is important to us.

Questions and answers

This page contains questions and answers on current developments at Volkswagen. This information is updated regularly. It relates exclusively to the ongoing examination of inaccurate CO2 values in particular vehicle models and the technical NOx measure.

FAQ on NOx

FAQ on CO2

Facts on diesel emissions

Find out all the important facts from short videos: from the functionality of the switch logic and planned corrective measures to making an appointment with your Volkswagen Partner.

Diesel emissions after-care

Here, we will show you how  harmful substances are eliminated step-by-step from the exhaust gas produced by a diesel engine to ensure adherence to the regulations stipulated by international markets.
What is the purpose of the engine management system?

Discover why a special test bench mode – which calls up a predetermined profile when testing for exhaust emissions – is activated in the vehicle when it is on the dynamometer.
Corrective measures concerning the diesel issue

See which measures are being applied for which engine type. This will provide information on whether it is sufficient to simply install a new engine management software or whether it is necessary to take a technical measure.

How to get an appointment

Find out when you can arrange an appointment for your vehicle to be modified, free of charge, and how the campaign works for you as a customer.

Contact us

Do you have any questions on the current situation at Volkswagen or the status of your vehicle? Our customer service will be happy to assist.

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