VW Touareg standing in front of a building, rear view, a man ist standing in the right corner

The Touareg

Sets its own course and leads the way up front

The Touareg brings a breath of fresh air to the streets. And to the unexplored paths in between. Innovations such as the electromechanical roll stabilisation, matrix LED headlights or the Innovision Cockpit add optional enhancements to the varied experience of driving this SUV.

The Touareg has many highlights. Check out these three:



Innovision Cockpit

The universal control centre with no switches

Optional: Active roll stabilisation

For responsive steering and stable cornering

Optional: IQ.LIGHT – matrix LED headlights

For a dynamic look, with no dazzling

Graphic for electromechanical active roll stabilisation in the VW Touareg